June 9, 2009

Things That Bug Me About Teen Wolf

At the end, when Michael J. Fox is taking the foul shots, why was that guy allowed to stand right underneath the basket?
First of all, it's made quite clear that it's the guy's 5th foul... I mean, the guy had fouled out... You have to leave the court when you foul out. My 7 year old son knows that. Did none of the movie's writers, producers, cast or crew have any familiarity at all with the rules of basketball? Couldn't someone (even a janitor who was mopping up the sweat on the gym floor so none of the actors would slip) have stepped up and said, "Hey, you know guys, if that was the guy's fifth foul, then he'd really have to go to the bench."?

And to make it worse, there was no time left on the clock, so the ref (correctly) clears the court... But for some reason, he allows this one guy (Mick) who, once again, had fouled out of the game, to stand right underneath the basket during the foul shots. The ref even has to tell the kid to "Get back." This really irritates me because it's just completely unrealistic. ("More unrealistic than a teenage werewolf playing basketball," you ask? Yes, I think so.)

Boof (Susan Ursiti)
Whatever happened to that girl who played Boof?
Susan Ursiti is one of those 80s actresses that was in one movie and then you never saw or heard from her again. Kinda like that really hot girl who played the blond (I think her character's name was Cookie) in One Crazy Summer. Or that chick who played Scotty Palmer's girlfriend in Hardbodies (Teal Roberts is her name)... Or Patrick Dempsey's girlfriend in Loverboy?... Or that girl with the really big forehead from Can't Buy Me Love... What happened to these women? Did they get married and quit the business?... Or were they sucked into that same Hollywood actress black hole that claimed Mary Stuart Masterson?

Cookie from One Crazy Summer
Anyway, I looked up Susan Ursiti on IMDB.com and she has a handful of other TV and movie credits (a Charles in Charge episode, a 21 Jump Street in '87) but nothing memorable.

How does Niles not lose his footing while standing (and dancing) atop a moving van?
This stunt defies gravity and several other laws of physics. Later in the movie, The Wolf is able to do it, maybe due to his enhanced animal agility and balance, but Niles... no way.

How the hell did Chubby even make the basketball team?
I would more likely believe the existence of actual werewolves than that fat load being on the court making sky hooks.

Was that a body double for the girl who plays Pam?
Watch the scene below very carefully. As Pam seduces Scott, she takes off her bra, and then there's a weird cut, and then we only see the girl's back... Looks like a different girl to me. The actress playing this part is named Lorie Griffin, and I'm wondering, when they were casting, why didn't they just tell her, "Look, there's a scene where you'll have to take your top off; it won't be shown, but we need you semi-nude for this one scene." So what happened? Did she agree to take her top off and then changed her mind last minute? This ain't exactly a Lady MacBeth kind of role; they could've gotten a thousand actresses for this part. So why not just hire an actress that has no problem with the nudity and just pay her, instead of having to pay Lorie AND a body double? Just a thought...

Why'd they make a sequel?

The infamous Teen Wolf Too starring Jason Bateman shares the title of worst comedy sequel of the 80s with Short Circuit 2, Jaws 3-D, Jason Takes Manhattan, and Mannequin 2: On the Move.

Why can't I buy that song that plays during the end credits?
No, not "Win in the End", which is the song that plays during the basketball game montage where Michael J. Fox does the same behind the back pass and the same layup twenty-five times. I'm actually talking about "Shooting for the Moon" which is one of the best songs from a movie EVER. Everyone... I repeat, EVERYONE I know who's seen this movie, LOVES that song. And yet, because there's no official soundtrack for Teen Wolf, there's no way to get a CD-quality copy of it. And you can't get it by recording the audio from the DVD either, because there's a bunch of crowd cheers and dialog on top of it. I checked, and Amy Holland has a few CDs available on Amazon, but none of them have "Shooting for the Moon" on them. Totally unacceptable.

Why does becoming a werewolf make you a better basketball player?
Makes no sense whatsoever on any level -- physiologically, psychologically, or zoologically.

Teen Wolf at IMDB.com


sir jorge said...

i had the same thoughts

Unknown said...

I always thought Mick got a bit of a bad rap. He acts like a jealous boyfriend, which makes sense because his girlfriend is actually cheating on him. He's genuinely sad at losing the game and then his girlfriend randomly dumps him...just because he lost the game? I think Mick is better off out of that relationship.

Also, what's up with Lewis? He gets all weird after his friend turns into a werewolf. Which I guess makes sense but no one else seems weirded out by it. Was there a scene cut where Lewis explains how he was attacked by a werewolf as a child?

Anonymous said...

I love Boof, she is so cute

Anonymous said...

i can't get over how not one scientist or anyone didnt come to that town to study him

Anonymous said...

good movie but cheesy at some parts and pam is hot

Anonymous said...

I have an MP3 of Amy Holland's song. If you don't have it, just let me know and I can send it to you.