June 12, 2009

10 Reasons We Love Al Bundy

10. He takes no crap from anyone (especially fat women.)

9. He's a real All-American guy.
The kind of guy we'd enjoy hanging out with. He drives a Dodge, drinks beer, likes sports, TV, John Wayne movies, and frequents a local strip bar called The Jiggly Room.

8. He turned us on to Psycho Dad
Al's favorite TV show glorified guns, violence, and matricide. Sadly, a Congressional hearing led to its cancellation.

7. He's got cool friends.
Where would Al be without his running buddies, Jefferson, Griff, Ike, Bob Rooney, and Officer Dan?

6. Chicks dig him.

Pamela Anderson, Heather Parkhurst, Renee Tenison and Bobbie Brown (top) and Barbara Moore, Milla Jovovich, Shannon Tweed, Krista Allen, Tia Carrere, Brandi Brandt, the Swedish Bikini Team, Keri Russell and Neriah Davis (bottom) all guested on Married With Children.

5. He's great with the insults.

4. His daughter is hot!

3. He's the founder of No Ma'am.
With their motto of "Carpe Mammarium" ("Seize the hooters") The National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood does more fine work than Greenpeace, Feed The Children, and the Red Cross combined.

View the No Ma'am charter or p
urchase an authentic No Ma'am tee shirt courtesy of E.E. Bell (Bob Rooney) at E.E. Bell Online. (We got ours!)

2. He scored 4 touchdowns in one game!

1. He makes us feel better about ourselves.
No matter how lousy our lives are, Al's is just a little bit worse. His neverending misery cheers us up.

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