July 29, 2009

Family Guy's Funniest Pop Culture References

One of the things that makes Family Guy so great are the hilarious references to other TV shows, classic movies, hit songs, TV commercials, toys, games and other pop culture phenomena.

Whether they're imagining Optimus Prime being Jewish, the dad from Eight is Enough as an abusive father, or Stewie rocking out to Scandal's "The Warrior" in his own iPod commercial, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane and his writing team consistently come up with the most creative parodies and send ups ever. That being said, here are some of Family Guy's funniest pop culture references.

Meg dates The Count from Sesame Street.

Darth Vader is a meter maid and is having a very bad day.

Peter stumbles upon a different type of Breakfast Club

Peter creates his own sitcom with an intro reminiscent of Laverne & Shirley, Family Ties, Three's Company, Bosom Buddies, and more.

Chris wanders into a-ha's "Take On Me" video.

Why ghosts chose Jennifer Love Hewitt to be their whisperer.

Lois' tumor sings to the beat of "Rock Me Amadeus"


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