July 5, 2009

Al Franken Wins Senate Seat (Finally)

We missed a lot of news over the past week or so, including the fact that the Minnesota Senatorial race was finally decided last week. (Are you kidding me? It took eight months to settle this thing?... Only in America.)

Anyway, for those who weren't aware, they've been trying to figure out who won this thing since way back on election day in November. Turns out, it was one of the closest elections in the history of American politics, with less than 300 votes finally separating the two candidates. Then there were recounts, and protests, and more recounts, and then it went to the courts and now, finally, your newest United States Senator is... former Saturday Night Live writer and cast member Al Franken...


Exactly... We barely remember this guy from SNL but we dug into the Pop Culture Fiend Archives and found this clip from 1988 that refreshed our memories. In it, Franken plays televangelist Pat Robertson (ironically enough, at a time when Robertson himself was running for President. )

Al Franken as Pat Robertson
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