April 3, 2009

What the Hell Happened to Maxim?

We took a look at some of our old Maxim magazines and noticed that back when it was in its prime (around the late 90s, early 2000s) the magazine was substantially thicker (i.e., it had way more content) than it does now. The December 2000 issue with cover girl Tara Reid, for example, topped out at a whopping 292 pages, while a recent issue featuring Hilary Duff was a measly ninety-six. I know that in the magazine business, ad dollars are way down, and less ads means you need less content -- but 292 down to 96? That's a two-thirds reduction in pages.

We were on board early with Maxim (issue #3 with Carmen Electra on the cover) and we always liked its smartass, unapologetically sexist tone, as well its focus on the things that truly matter in life -- sex, sports, beer, gadgets, and of course, women. Here's some of our favorite photos from Maxims past:

Cameron Diaz 2002
Caprice Bourret 1999

Danneel Harris 2008
Paula Garces 2001

Amanda Beard 2004
Diora Baird 2008

Maxim Online

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