April 28, 2009

Go-Go's Rock the Sunset Strip

We caught iconic pop culture girl group the Go-Go's at the House of Blues in Hollywood Saturday night, and the girls rocked it like they usually do whenever they're back in their hometown. Hard to believe its been 31 years since the band was formed but we have to say that time, for the most part, has been kind to the self-proclaimed "goddesses of rock." Guitarist Jane Weidlin and bassist Kathy Valentine look nearly ten years younger than their actual ages, and lead singer Belinda Carlisle looked more like the attractive 50-year old woman she is than the wax mannequin she appeared to be during her recent turn on Dancing With the Stars.

Speaking of DWTS, Belinda's dance partner on the show, Jonathan Roberts, made a guest appearance for the band's performance of "Cool Jerk", during which he jitterbug'd and twist'd with both Belinda and Jane. Other show highlights were spirited performances of The Sparks' and Jane Weidlin's "Cool Places"; "We Got the Beat", "How Much More", "Tonight", and "This Town" (four of the group's standbys); and the melancholy "Forget That Day" (from the Talk Show album) which the girls haven't performed live since 1984.

Another interesting tune in the set list was "Mad About You" (the group doesn't typically perform Belinda's solo material) and we were lucky enough to capture it on video:

More concert photos below.

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