August 10, 2011

I'm Back, Big as Life and Twice as Ugly!

After an exclusive tour of Europe, Scandanavia and the subcontinent, Pop Culture Fiend is back!!!!

Where've I been since December 2010?... Working on screenplays a bit, but mostly just painfully suffering through this mortal coil. But I'm sure you don't care about that.

I actually wanted to bring back the blog at the beginning of the year, but I felt I needed to go through the site first, fixing broken links, and give a general facelift. But like I always say, "Time is a motherf**ker", and I just couldn't put enough consecutive hours in to get everything done. So I finally figured, screw it, I'll just jump right back into it and fix what I can when I can.

So what should you expect? More of what we're known for --
highlights, remembrances and discussion of American pop culture (with lots of focus on 80s and 90s related stuff), plus rare and exclusive photos and video from the Pop Culture Fiend archives, and maybe even some guest bloggers.

So subscribe on YouTube, follow us on Twitter, and as we start pumping out the new content, be sure catch up on some of our old posts.

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